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We're collecting stories of local residents experiencing displacement or financial hardship due to high rent increases, evictions and gentrification in the Sacramento area.


The narratives we collect are important for demonstrating how skyrocketing rents and growing income inequality are negatively impacting and destabilizing the economies of struggling college graduates, working families, seniors and persons with disabilities in our community. You are not alone. Many people share your struggle every day. Headlines are filled with shocking details of how Sacramentans of every income level are experiencing the fastest-rising rents in the country and countless evictions. This moment in Sacramento is one of rapid flux as our neighborhoods are quickly becoming more expensive, and longtime residents are being pushed out by rising rents and evictions- all so real estate speculators can create housing for people with more affluence to maximize profits for their corporate shareholders.

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After 3 years of tenancy at my current apt, the chance to move into a smaller apt (same complex) came up. I contacted my prop managers and expressed interest. They said that'd be cool and had me pay them to re-apply ($35.) and said it would be refunded once the move happened. So, I proceeded to pack up my belongings in prep for the move. Yesterday, I received a text from them telling me the rent for the apt would be $100. higher than what it is now (and $100. higher than all the other 1-bdrm in the complex). They had no good explanation for why this apt would be so expensive other than "the rental market has increased". I said no thanks. Now, I'm left with all these boxes to unpack, several work-related issues to deals with (I work at home), and this overwhelming feeling of powerlessness and heartbreak. I've been a renter almost all of my life and have had 2 decent landlord experiences. the rest of them are greedy lying ungrateful (I've never been late with rent ever) jackasses.


-Susan, Sacramento

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